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Shorten your entire process, increase your productivity, and reduce your operational costs at the same time. 

The BFSA SmartModule integrates into your existing processes and offers maximum versatility and running safety in the smallest of spaces. 

You get your automation as an “All-In-Solution” with our complete service, or you take over the integration into your production yourself. Just as you like. 

User training, of course, can also be booked. The SmartCell requires just the footprint of a Euro pallet (48×32 in).



  • Protective enclosure with two-part access door
  • Stable construction
  • Industrial robot with high payload
  • Conveyor belt
  • Signal lamp 4-color
  • Control cabinet
  • Machine feet
  • Device for moving with lift truck
  • 2 viewing windows
  • Safety elements (emergency stop, safety fence)
  • CE protective enclosure
  • Profinet I/O modules expandable
  • Safety CPU expandable
  • Simplest expansion options

1 Extensions
You can supplement your SmartCell with additional process steps. This is possible both inside the SmartCell with selected modules and outside, for example with additional cells or palletizing systems.

2 Robots
6-axis industrial robot with high payload.

3 Gripper assembly
Individually adaptable to your application.

4 Control
Continuous control concept (all-in-one system), intuitive and user-friendly touch control, remote access, optional data acquisition.

5 Control element
Easy operation via 3 push buttons (“push the flashing button” concept), complete error output.

6 Maintenance-friendly protective housing
The system is protected from all sides and at the same time accessible from all sides for maintenance activities. A contradiction? Absolutely not, our solution offers you optimum serviceability.

7 Dimensions
With a footprint of only 1200 x 800 mm (48×32 in), the basic module can be flexibly positioned.

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